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Motat: -36.867505, 174.727153
Nelson Provincial Museum: -41.274367, 173.283740
Otago Museum: -45.851760, 170.969238
Kauri Museum: -36.129752, 174.185056
South Otago Museum: -46.286224, 169.639893
Space Place Carter Observatory: -41.360319, 176.033936
Te Papa Museum: -41.290647, 174.780870
Cantebury Museum: -43.530825, 172.626964


Matariki Celebration - July 4th, 2015
Te Koanga Gala - September 19th till 27th, 2015
© Photo by Paul Le Comte

ILLUMINATING NEW ZEALAND is a nation-wide celebration of light and light-based technologies in our daily lives.From high-speed optical networks to evocative art to energy-efficient lighting, light and light-based technologies inform, connect and illuminate our people, our world and beyond.

Photonics is the science and technology of creating, controlling and using light.

Join us in celebrating Matariki and Te Kōanga with hands-on science experiments for children, exotic and exciting demonstrations by leading New Zealand scientists and “Light Matters” experiment kits to take home and continue your explorations.

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